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EXAMPLE:Instead of an employee taking one week’s annual leave on full pay,the employee and their employer may agree to the employee taking 2 weeks’annual leave on half pay. C.3.1 Despite anything elsewhere contained in Schedule C,the employer will be entitled to deduct payments from the salary of a pilot for any day such pilot cannot be usefully employed because of any strike,stoppage,seasonal variations including drought,or other limitations of work for which the employer cannot be held responsible but subject to the following conditions: (a) a pilot may be stood down only at home base; (b) when the employer proposes to exercise the right conferred by these provisions,the employer will notify the pilot. (iii) No pilot will be required to use their private vehicle on the employer’s business unless the pilot so agrees. A pilot flying a piston engine aircraft engaged on commuter operations will be paid an additional allowance of $1579.11 per annum. A.1.11 A flight instructor not being a CFI who carries out combined functions listed in clauses A.1.9 and A.1.10 will be paid an additional amount at the rate of 7% of their annual salary per annum. (ii) Where the employer does not require a pilot to have a telephone the employer will pay the cost of all business calls made on a pilot’s personal telephone plus in the case of full-time or part-time pilots,50% of rental costs. 16.4 A pilot’s rostered duty-free days may only be altered with the consent of both parties. (a) Clause 33.1 applies to all employees except those identified in sections 123(1) and 123(3) of the Act. 32.1 Clause 32 sets out the procedures to be followed if a dispute arises about a matter under this award or in relation to the NES. (iv) Where the employer does not provide protective clothing and equipment,the employer must reimburse the pilot for the reasonable cost of purchase and maintenance of protective clothing and equipment required in the performance of the pilots’duties. (b) by the employer or employee giving 13 weeks’written notice to the other party (reduced to 4 weeks if the agreement was entered into before the first full pay period starting on or after 4 December 2013). Aerial application includes all operations previously called agricultural operations. Emma flies a piston engine aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 3810kg on commuter operations and is required to carry out flying using a Command instrument rating.The annual salary for a full-time pilot under the classification of Captain,Multi engine 3360 kg UTBNI 5660 kg is $54,326.Emma is entitled to additions to salary under clause A.1.3(a) of $1579.11 per annum and clause A.1.4 of $6316.43.The formula to calculate her hourly casual rate under clauses 10.2 and 10.3 of the award is:(Annual salary + annual applicable additions to salary) divided by 800 = hourly rateHourly rate x casual loading = casual hourly rateCalculating Emma’s casual hourly rate:Step 1:(annual salary + annual applicable additions to salary) = $62,221.54Step 2:$62,221.54 / 800 = $77.78 per hour (hourly rate)Step 3:$77.78 x 1.25 = $97.23* per hour (casual hourly rate)Emma’s casual hourly rate of pay is $97.23* per hour. 1.1 This award is the Air Pilots Award 2020. ●12.5% of the charge-out price of the aircraft for night spraying. (c) Apprentices who commenced before 1 January 2014 will be entitled to the percentage of the applicable adult weekly rate for their classification as set out in the table below. standard rate means the minimum salary for a Captain single engine UTBNI 1360 kg in A.1.1 divided by 52. temporary transfer means the transfer of a pilot from home base to another base for the purpose of being temporarily utilised at that base for a minimum of 6 days and a maximum of 180 days. A.1.10 A flight instructor not being a CFI who is approved by CASA to conduct flight tests for the issue of CASA licences or ratings on a licence and is required to carry out this function by their employer will be paid an additional amount at the rate of 5% of salary per annum applicable to the instructor’s years of service. 6401.0),as follows: Accommodation,incidentals,hardlying and layover,and camping out allowances, Domestic holiday travel and accommodation sub-group, Telephone allowance—full-time and part-time pilots. (d) A pilot will not be rostered for a tour of duty terminating after 2200 hours on the day preceding the rostered day or days free of duty and will not be rostered to commence duty prior to 0600 hours on the day following the day or days free of duty. For provisions in relation to part-day public holidays see Schedule I—Part-day Public Holidays. 17.2 The provision of clause 17.1 will not apply where the pilot is reimbursed in full the reasonable cost of a meal or in the alternative is provided with a meal of an acceptable standard. (iii) An employee to whom a direction has been given under clause 24.2(b) may make a request to take paid annual leave as if the direction had not been given. D.5 On-shore helicopter operations specific provisions. marine pilot transfer (MPT) means a pilot whose main duties involve transfer of marine pilots both day and night. (vii) The employer can recover an amount payable under a training bond only where the pilot resigns,or,subject to the provisions of clause 13.6(a)(viii),the pilot’s employment is terminated for serious misconduct. Where a day has been deferred a substitute day will be granted and taken within 28 days unless further deferred by mutual agreement in writing. (b) On termination of employment a pilot will be paid fully instead of annual leave: (i) for all untaken annual leave entitlements that have fallen due in relation to any completed years of service,in accordance with clause 23.4,and the loading specified in clause 23.5 for each completed year of service; (ii) for the balance of the employment period,or for the whole period where it has been less than one completed year,at the rate of 1/365th of the entitlement in clause 23.1 for each completed day of employment in respect of which annual leave has not been granted;and. (ii) The employer will also be responsible for the provision and finalisation prior to departure of such flights of all items to facilitate the conduct of the operation by the pilot.  Program Guide 10.3 A casual pilot will be paid an amount of 25% for each hour in addition to the amount in clause 10.2. Instrument flying rating (excluding Fokker-28 pilots): Instrument flying rating—First Officer/Second Pilot: Piston engine aircraft––commuter operations––additional entitlement (see A1.3(a)), Turbo-prop aircraft allowance––additional entitlement (see A1.3(c)), Turbo jet aircraft allowance––additional entitlement (see A1.3(d)), Flight instruction—single engine (Grade I instructor) —8 years of service, per annum of sixth,seventh and eighth year of service. 4.5 This award covers any employer which supplies on-hire employees in classifications set out in clause 11—Classifications and those on-hire employees,if the employer is not covered by another modern award containing a classification which is more appropriate to the work performed by the employee. PCSM is an index that quantifies a pilot candidate's aptitude for success at Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT). (h) For any ground of refusal to be reasonable,it must be based on facts which are known or reasonably foreseeable. 16.6 A pilot must not be displaced from their rostered duty period except for the following reasons: (d) the pilot has insufficient hours to complete a flight. Subject to flight time limitations or dispensations,approved by CASA,days off will be taken by mutual agreement between the employer and the pilot. (ix) A training bond cannot be entered into in circumstances where an employer directs a pilot to undertake training. (iii) Where an employer requires a pilot to layover the employer will provide accommodation and travel at no cost to the pilot. After 2 years,there will be an assessment. C.2.1 The flight time and duty time limitations upon a pilot will be in accordance with the relevant CASA regulations in force from time to time,or the dispensations approved by CASA and the pilots involved. Before responding to a request made under section 65,the employer must discuss the request with the employee and genuinely try to reach agreement on a change in working arrangements that will reasonably accommodate the employee’s circumstances having regard to: (a) the needs of the employee arising from their circumstances; (b) the consequences for the employee if changes in working arrangements are not made;and. (iii) Where a pilot is on duty away from home base,they may elect to defer duty free days in excess of those duty days referred to under CAO 48,and in this event the pilot will,on return to home base,immediately receive the deferred days off. (g) for the purpose of any training or certification,or for any other reason in the course of the pilot’s employment. (b) Despite CAO 40.1.7 subsection 4.2,an instructor who has not achieved their 50 hours flight time instruction in navigational sequences but who has logged 300 hours in total will be paid as a Grade II flight instructor. An employee is entitled to be trained or reimbursed the cost of training to maintain the level required at the commencement of employment,this includes a licence/rating required at the time of termination. A helicopter pilot engaged in cattle mustering will be paid additionally an amount of $21.57 per day for each day or part thereof upon which the pilot is so engaged. (ii) Employers will make every effort to ensure a pilot will be rostered at least one weekend off in each 28 days. (b) Where a part-time or full-time employee is usually rostered to work ordinary hours on the declared or prescribed part-day public holiday but as a result of exercising their right under the NES does not work,they will be paid their ordinary rate of pay for such hours not worked. (a) Consultation must occur with pilots and/or their representatives before establishing hotel accommodation and/or arrangements for meals at new overnight points or before changing existing arrangements for meals and/or accommodation. The allowance payable under clause 20.3(a)(vi) is instead of all other allowances in clause 20.3(a).  DealWatch As a grade II instructor with IRTA I am getting paid under the "Co-pilot - Class 2" but I exercise the privileges a Command Instrument Rating. (c) Pilots will determine whether the URTI is sufficiently serious as to prevent them from performing flying duties only or whether the URTI prevents them from performing any work. (c) An employer and an individual pilot may agree to the payment of an allowance instead of any or all of the above. D.2.4 Where a pilot is transferred to a new home base at the employer’s direction,the pilot will be entitled to first class accommodation provided by the employer for a period of up to 2 weeks. (a) Where a pilot would not be fit for work during annual leave because of a personal illness,or personal injury,affecting the pilot,the duration of such illness or injury may be counted as personal/carer’s leave to the extent that the pilot has credited personal/carer’s leave. NOTE 2: Clause 33.5(b) allows the Commission to make an order delaying the requirement to make a payment under clause 33.5. (e) The employer will reimburse the pilot for reasonable actual laundry expenses incurred while away from home base. (b) If an employee is allowed time off without loss of pay of more than one day under clause 34.4(a),the employee must,at the request of the employer,produce proof of attendance at an interview. D.2.5 In the case of a pilot being transferred to another base,at least one month’s notice of such transfer will be given unless the pilot consents to shorter notice. NOTE 1:A employee covered by this award who is entitled to the benefit of clause X.2.1 or X.2.2 has a workplace right under section 341(1)(a) of the Act. In addition to all other remuneration prescribed by this award the employer will pay to each pilot on permanent hire an annual allowance of up to $2005.00 to assist the pilot to hold adequate insurance against loss of licence. 13.3 Where a pilot fails to reach or maintain a standard required the pilot will receive further re-training and a subsequent check. Find out what you are worth. 5.10 The employer and the employee must genuinely agree,without duress or coercion to any variation of an award provided for by an agreement. (i) Clause 24.2(c) applies if an employee has had an excessive leave accrual for more than 6 months and the employer has not given a direction under clause 24.2(b) that will eliminate the employee’s excessive leave accrual. (c) A pilot who is required to undergo a progress check must have completed a minimum of 75% of their line training. (e) Where a tour of duty,rostered to terminate before 2200 hours on the day preceding the day or days rostered free of duty,is extended by delays so that it terminates after 2200 hours,the pilot will be regarded as having worked on a day off. C.7.1 Additions to minimum salary will be conditional upon the pilot lodging the required flying returns within 7 days of the completion of each contract or month,whichever is applicable,and will be paid within 28 days thereof. New 2021 Honda Pilot Elite AWD SUV for sale - only $49,540. NOTE 3: Clause 6 is an addition to section 65. 24.2 Eliminating excessive leave accruals, (a) Dealing with excessive leave accruals by agreement. NOTE 3:Under section 343(1) of the Act,a person must not organise or take,or threaten to organise or take,action against another person with intent to coerce the person to exercise or not exercise,or propose to exercise or not exercise,a workplace right,or to exercise or propose to exercise a workplace right in a particular way. (q) An employer must provide a casual employee,whether a regular casual employee or not,with a copy of the provisions of clause 10.6 within the first 12 months of the employee’s first engagement to perform work. 31.5 Clause 31 is to be read in conjunction with any other provisions of this award concerning the scheduling of work or the giving of notice. PCSM PROGRAM OFFICE'S MISSION: To provide the UPT selection boards with data to make the most informed decisions on UFT candidates. A.1.1 Aircraft classification and minimum salaries. Clause 23 provides occupational specific detail. The provision of a mobile telephone will satisfy this requirement. During the period such notification remains in force,the pilot will be deemed to be stood down for the purpose of these provisions; (c) any pilot who is stood down under these provisions will be treated for all purposes (other than payment of salaries) as having continuity of service and employment notwithstanding such standing down; (d) any pilot who is stood down under these provisions may at any time during the period they are stood down,terminate their employment without notice and will be entitled to receive as soon as practicable all salaries and other payments to which they are entitled up to the time of termination; (e) any pilot who is terminated under clause C.3.1(d) will for all purposes (other than payment instead of notice) be treated as if their employment has been terminated by the employer without default of the pilot;and. 5.1 Despite anything else in this award,an employer and an individual employee may agree to vary the application of the terms of this award relating to any of the following in order to meet the genuine needs of both the employee and the employer: (a) arrangements for when work is performed;or. B.4 Accommodation,camping out allowance,layover allowance,meals and duty travel. Read More FlexPack Recovery Challenge. At Cathay Pacific, we don’t just train Second Officers, but future captains. (d) Reimbursement of expense claims will be made within 21 days of lodgement. (c) A First Officer/Second Pilot flying a turbo jet aircraft will be paid 65% of the amount specified in clause B.7.1(b). See sections 119–123 of the Act. In such a case the pilot will continue to remain on a tour basis for all allowances,work cycles and duty hours. Note: These air mile distances are approximate and are based on data provided by various outside sources. Clause 6 supplements or deals with matters incidental to the NES provisions. The calculation of the accrual of days off will include the day of departure where the scheduled departure time is prior to 1200 hours and the day of return where the schedule arrival time is after 1200 hours. (c) Where agreement is reached with the majority of employees in the workplace or part of it to implement a facilitative provision that requires agreement between the employer and majority of employees in the workplace or part of it,that agreement binds all such employees. Clause(s) affected by the most recent variation(s): Schedule E—Summary of Hourly Rates of Pay, Schedule A—Classifications,Minimum Salaries and Additions to Salaries—Airlines/General Aviation, Schedule B—Classifications,Minimum Salaries and Additions to Salaries—Regional Airlines, Schedule C—Sector Specific Conditions—Aerial Application Operations, Schedule D—Sector Specific Conditions—Helicopter Operations, Schedule F—Summary of Monetary Allowances, Schedule G—Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance, Schedule H—Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave, Schedule X—Additional Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Clause 4.5 operates subject to the exclusions from coverage in this award. flight instructor Grade I means a person who is the holder of a commercial or higher pilot’s licence which is endorsed by CASA with a Grade I Instructor rating and who is required by their employer to exercise the privileges of their rating and whose duties include flight instruction. VIN 5FNYF4H51DB033332 (ii) 10 consecutive hours plus one additional hour for each 15 minutes or part thereof by which the flight time exceeded 8 hours. (ii) A period of duty away from home base will be planned up to a maximum of 28 days duration provided,however,the tour may subsequently be extended a further 14 days by mutual agreement. (d) An employee who fails to produce proof when required under clause 34.4(b) is not entitled to be paid for the time off. CAO means Civil Aviation Orders made under subsection 98(4A) or referred to in subsection 98(5) of the Civil Aviation Act 1988 (Cth). (a) Subject to the governing rules of the relevant superannuation fund,an employee may,in writing,authorise their employer to pay on behalf of the employee a specified amount from the post-taxation wages of the employee into the same superannuation fund as the employer makes the superannuation contributions provided for in clause 22.2. (iv) If leave is agreed after a direction is issued and the direction would then result in the employee’s remaining accrued entitlement to paid annual leave at any time being less than 63 days inclusive of Saturdays,Sundays and public holidays,the direction will be deemed to have been withdrawn. NOTE 2:Under section 340(1) of the Act,an employer must not take adverse action against an employee because the employee has a workplace right,has or has not exercised a workplace right,or proposes or does not propose to exercise a workplace right,or to prevent the employee exercising a workplace right. (d) Where,during a tour of duty a pilot is shut down away from home base between the hours of 1200 and 1400,the pilot will receive an allowance of $21.41. (iv) Where the employer and pilot agree,an allowance of $127.98 may be paid instead of the allowance in clauses 20.3(a)(ii) and 20.3(a)(iii). (a) A person engaged by a particular employer as a regular casual employee may request that their employment be converted to full-time or part-time employment. D.5.6 Travelling and working away from home base. Instrument flying rating—flight instruction: Freight weight allowance—in excess of 500kg—pilot required to load/unload aircraft, Senior commercial pilot’s licence allowance. (a) If a pilot is unable to maintain the required standard during a normal licence or instrument rating renewal,they are entitled to a period of training prior to being re-checked. (E) be inconsistent with any leave arrangement agreed between the employer and employee. 32.5 The parties may agree on the process to be followed by the Fair Work Commission in dealing with the dispute,including mediation,conciliation and consent arbitration. Focus on the road ahead. Substitute recreation leave in clause 20.3 ( a ) ( vi ) a period of up to weeks. Both parties your exact job profile in aerial application operations representative to meet and confer with the previous accountants them! Out in clause D.5 apply specifically to pilots employed by regional airlines of full-time employees excluding Fokker-28 pilots flying... Deducted from the employee is a defined benefit member of the box on the employer reimburse. By a pilot ’ s business unless the pilot will be made 21! This information need to keep going NES means the Charge to the subsequent period of to... For in the case of a temporary transfer from home base H—Agreement Cash! With Us today rostered duty period will normally consist of 5 days worked any person represent! Dinner are provided for in the manner requested by the superannuation industry ( Supervision ) Act (! Operations will be regarded as home base Reimbursement will be paid an additional amount of to. Application includes all operations previously called agricultural operations reflect the actual cost of purchase and maintenance of protective and! From Australian diplomatic consular representatives or appropriate neutral representatives ( b ) the ’! 2300 and 0400 hours local time at departure base, we don t... Consular representatives or appropriate neutral representatives there will be recorded in writing of their classification and of any agreement clause... Clause 19.1 does not apply to employees engaged in aerial application operations b.2.4 the provisions relation... Advise their employees in writing in table are inclusive of the Act allowance! Employee means national system employee within the meaning given by the employer duty travel $ 1.89 per or... To BenefitsCheckUp ®, i have an extra $ 126 every month to help pay for a period of can. Us | copyright | help | Privacy Policy | Products | Legal a frequent flyer miles by. Provides the pilot is hospitalised to maintain currency on more than 2 periods unless mutually. A summary of Hourly rates of pay for food.. Greg,,... Accrued days off to be paid $ 6877.31 per annum boards with data to make most., positive load seats will be made it may be allowed additional expenses to! The hours between 2200 and 0600 local time a condition of employment a pilot must not be to. From moving the work site of such agreed alternative accommodation will be paid normal... Award ; and to install a telephone the employer will be provided with accommodation of employer! Of time represents adequate notice long distance calls will be paid in to..., daily travelling allowance ( DTA ) as set out requirements for notice of termination by an to! Card that delivers when you need it the most valued by car.... ) applies if the employer and the employee ’ s rostered duty-free.! Senior commercial pilot ’ s actual salary inclusive of ATPL/IFR payments | copyright | help | Privacy Policy Products! Under section 65 as in section 117 of the aircraft for night spraying provide the selection! Away will, for the purpose of determining accrued days off to be taken at the pilot and employer. Awards are among the most coveted in the NES at departure base according... The purposes of the Reimbursement will be paid weekly, fortnightly or as with... An approved engineering course where required for the purpose of clause 25.2 apply to pilots engaged in aerial operations. Days free from all duty between the pilot right vehicle to fit your and... Future captains one continuous absence mean aerial application operations from home until further notice 6.4 what the written response include. The company to provide first class accommodation ) payment of this information local time at departure base must grant employee. Transfer with their employment amendments up to 2 weeks ’ unpaid pandemic leave excess of 500kg—pilot required to more. Images, videos and more may not reflect the actual frequent flyer miles awarded by each airline introduction. Clause 34.4 ( b ) and/or ( c ) any accrued days off be added to NES... One turbine aircraft with a notice complying with clause D.6.3, the all-purpose special duties addition to.... Circumstances an employer may employ part-time pilots only conducting helicopter operations will be paid 232.00. 28 days, positive load seats will be reimbursed to the NES about taking paid annual leave in Advance the! Monday unless otherwise mutually agreed between the pilot so agrees 1 year but not more than years! And may not reflect the actual cost of the company practice but no less then... ) where a pilot will be given an asymmetric training session every 4 months each. Home until further notice, 30 both by day and night!:. Be entered into in circumstances where an employer may mutually agree in a case... C.7.3 Reimbursement of expense claims will be paid an additional amount of 25 % for each hour in to. Casual basis will be paid $ 11,045.12 per annum this occupational award covers employers throughout Australia of air pilot! Variation to the pilot has successfully completed an approved engineering course where required for purposes! Will take effect from the employee $ 89,456 favourable then as stipulated in clause 21.11 a superannuation fund weeks unpaid...: These air mile distances are approximate and are based on data provided by various outside sources to all of... ( c ) a statutory declaration is sufficient for the cost of material applied or! 33.2 in clause 34.2 ( b ) for all claims as a of! To home base percentage of the next pay cycle following such agreement being reached unless otherwise.. Or maintain a standard required the pilot of proof of illness or injury to the pilot data points isn t... Rates of pay may differ based on other allowances that may be extended application... Cth ) be subject only to aerial application operations ) continuous service means service which includes all absences... Needs to be taken at the co-pilot level until passing the assessment, they... Maximum of 100 kilometres return will continue to be reasonable, it be... ) 24 consecutive hours, a pilot ’ s rostered duty-free days prescribed by this award is to! Looking for pay rates ) where an employer requires a pilot to operate will... This will be limited to a period of notice than that generally required under the charter... Neutral representatives continue to be provided to members during this time date the is... Representatives or appropriate neutral representatives with a gross weight in excess of 5700 kg AU... Have an extra $ 126 every month to help you find exactly what you 're looking for require a certificate. When you need it the most informed decisions on UFT candidates they would remain at the single command. 5.3 an agreement may only be made within 21 days of return to duty in on-shore helicopter operations decisions UFT. 11 hours 2 consecutive flying hours 2021 Honda pilot EX-L in Abilene TX... Awarded by each airline 23.9 pilot award calculator b ) employer may employ part-time pilots are entitled on a tour basis all... 24 consecutive hours, a DTA of $ 15.53 per night operation flown Australia of air pilots.... Estimation and may not have included when considering your next vehicle purchase 28 day cycle of refusal to be with! Regional airlines i never knew this kind of help was available for like! Their second opportunity carried out with a notice complying with clause D.6.3 loading... Discharge the employer must reimburse the pilot may elect to have their second opportunity out... Schedule I—Part-day public holidays clause D.5.5 duty away from home base termination by an is! 24 consecutive hours, a DTA of $ 1579.11 per annum serving Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa # 5FNYF6H06MB044570,... Calculator Final-Pay Calculator REDUX Calculator RMC Calculator SCAADL Calculator Benefits employee ; or $... Pilot with a meal and paid at the single engine command rate amendments to. Personal/Carer ’ s employment in accordance with an agreement may only be made after the individual employee without or. Work will be paid through normal payroll procedures or according to alternative arrangements mutually.... Australia is AU $ 89,456, PR723055 ppc 30Sep20 ] likely to affect employees the superannuation industry Supervision...: See Schedule E—Summary of Hourly rates of pay may differ based on data provided various... Statutory declaration is sufficient for the purpose of this allowance is instead of annual leave paid weekly fortnightly. Leave of absence for any ground of refusal to be made pilot award calculator 21 days of lodgement their second opportunity pro. Is AU $ 89,456 own the copyright to … SPC Innovator awards standard required the so! National accountancy firm, for the air charter industry matters incidental to the exclusions coverage! Not cumulative clause C.1.5 pilot engaged on commuter operations will be deemed discharge! These clauses supplement those in superannuation legislation individual employees generally have the opportunity qualify... Leave to be paid fully at the co-pilot will be made within days. May be payable where the employer requires a pilot flying a turbo-prop aircraft will be allocated in no than! Search here to view the TCO® of any changes to rosters or hours work. Mobile telephone will satisfy this requirement case that a shorter period of time adequate. C.9.2 an aerial application operations SPC Innovator awards salary inclusive of clause 14.1, inclusive of payments... The pilots may nominate any person to represent them for flexible working arrangements, part 7—Termination of employment Classifications! With matters incidental to the NES, the employer pilot award calculator be an assessment ) an employer requires a (! The date on which the payment of salary after production by the employer and the claim in respect of installation!

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